NEWSFLASH: OGS Extends Early-Bird Deadline! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Early-Bird Registration for OGS Conference 2105 in Barrie has been extended until 10 April 2015. The recent finalization of the Conference Tours necessitated the change to give more time for registrants to sign up. Those already registered will have the opportunity to order tours as well​. The Conference Committee also felt that the late departure of Winter from most of Canada had prevented many people from thinking about travelling, and for those who have managed a winter escape, we offer the opportunity to focus on their spring upon their return.  :-)

Session S-28 Speaker and Topic Have Changed

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to change session S-28.  Our new speaker for this session, on Sunday at 1:00 pm, is Vicki McKay, presenting “Pie​cing Together a Shattered Family“.  Check out the full description on the Sunday page of the website.