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Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors

If you want to find out about your Yorkshire ancestors, you can visit the many unusual and fascinating archives in Englands largest county. As well as tracing when your ancestors were born, married and died, you can explore how they lived, how they spent their leisure time and what their home life was like. Rachel Bellerbys invaluable guide will introduce you to places that hold a wealth of information about Yorkshires past, and the records you find in these archives will bring your research to life. Whatever you would like to discover more about, from fairground travellers to Romany gypsies, from working deep underground in a mine to making a living from the North Sea, there is so much to learn. The many different archives that welcome family history researchers are explored here and explained. Often these archives are overlooked, yet they contain revealing information about the people who called Yorkshire their home. Dozens of places, from tiny museum archives to large research centres, are open for your research. Tracing your Yorkshire ancestors has never been more exciting.

Author: Rachel Bellery

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Tracing Your East Anglian Ancestors

Gill Blanchards practical and informative handbook will help you to trace your ancestors in the traditional counties of East Anglia - Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex - and it will give you a fascinating insight into their lives. As well as guiding the researcher to historical records held in all the relevant archives, she explores the wealth of other resources that add the flesh to the bones of our ancestors lives. She describes how fascinating information can be discovered about the places they lived in and the important historical events they lived through, and she traces the life stories of notable people from all backgrounds who shaped the regions development over the centuries. Her account highlights East Anglias diversity but also focuses on its common features and its strong sense of identity. She starts with a general introduction to its history and geography, then goes on to focus on different aspects of its rich past. In the process she illustrates a wide array of additional research resources that will be revealing for readers who want to find out more about all aspects of life in this area of England.

Author: Gill Blanchard

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Tracing Your Channel Islands Ancestors

Tracing Your Channel Islands Ancestors is an expert introduction for the family historian to the wealth of material available to researchers in libraries and archives in Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. Full information is given on how to access the civil birth, marriage and death records which are only available in the islands and differ in format from those in England and Wales. Marie-Louise Backhurst covers the census, church records, nonconformist registers, rating lists, newspapers, wills and inheritance, official records, and the variety of other sources that can illuminate a past life and make family history research so rewarding. Migration has played a large part in the history of the islands and details of the records are fully explained. This authoritative and easy-to-use guide to these collections, and the authors advice on how to use them and get the most out of them, will be invaluable to anyone who is trying to find out about the life and experience of an ancestor who lived in the Channel Islands or was connected with them. This book will equally be essential reading and reference for anyone who wants to explore the history of the Channel Islands.

Author: Marie Louise Backhurst

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Tracing Your Liverpool Ancestors-A Guide for Family Historian

Tracing Your Liverpool Ancestors gives a fascinating insight into everyday life in the Liverpool area over the past four centuries. Aimed primarily at the family and social historian, Mike Roydens highly readable guide introduces readers to the wealth of material available on the citys history and its people. In a series of short, information-packed chapters he describes, in vivid detail, the rise of Liverpool through shipping, manufacturing and trade from the original fishing village to the cosmopolitan metropolis of the present day. Throughout he concentrates on the lives of the local people – on their experience as Liverpool developed around them. He looks at their living conditions, at poverty and the laboring poor, at health and the ravages of disease, at the influence of religion and migration, at education and the traumatic experience of war. He shows how the lives of Liverpudlians changed over the centuries and how this is reflected in the records that have survived. His useful book is a valuable tool for anyone researching the history of the city or the life of an individual ancestor.

Author: Mike Royden

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Researching English Land Records 

A survey of the many records to do with land -- maps, gazetteers, title deeds, land tax, ancient & modern Domesday books, tithes, enclosure, manorial records, quit claims, estate papers, freeholds, copyholds, leaseholds, land registry and valuation office records. The availability of documents and practical details on how to use them in genealogical research are emphasized.

Author: Penelope Christensen, Ph.D    

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Tracing Your Black Country Ancestors

The Black Country in the West Midlands is an important site for family historians. Many researchers, seeking to trace their ancestry back through the generations, will find their trail leads through it. And yet, despite the burgeoning interest in genealogy and the importance of the region in so many life stories, no previous book has provided a guide to the Black Countrys history and to the documents and records that family historians can use in their research. In this accessible and informative introduction to the subject, Michael Pearson looks at the history and heritage of the region and gives a graphic insight into the world in which our ancestors lived. He concentrates on the role the Black Country played during the industrial revolution when the development of mining, industry and transport transformed the economic and social life of the area. This was a period when living and working conditions were poor, families were large, children worked from an early age, often in the mines, and life expectancy was less than 20. And it was the era in which the Black Country took on the distinctive identity by which it is known today. As well as retelling the fascinating story of the development of the Black Country, the author introduces the reader to the variety of records that are available for genealogical research, from legal and ecclesiastical archives, birth and death certificates to the records of local government, employers, institutions, clubs, societies and schools.

Author:  Michael Pearson

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Researching Your English & Welsh Roots from Afar, A Guide

There are a number of research tools available for those searching English and Welsh ancestors from a distance. This introductory guide is designed to take you through various steps of the research process, introduce you to the tools available, and the record sources that will provide the evidence you need to take the next step in the search for your ancestors.

Aurthor. Fawne Stratford-Devai

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