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Ontario Locator

The following list shows every municipality in Ontario (city, town, village, township, regional municipality) and all of the geographic townships which have belonged to a municipality. In other words everything that has or had a local government is here. The information came from two OGS publications. Dunford Municipal Records in Ontario: History and Guide OGS (2005) lists every Ontario municipality. Gartner and Prong Townships of the Province Of Ontario, Canada OGS (2007) lists all townships. Current and historical townships came from that book, but not the unorganized townships. You should refer to these books for more detail.

The "Type" column tells you what sort of municipality it is, generally its current status. There are two types of townships. A geographic township (G Twp) is a piece of land. You need to know this to find land records and to find where people lived. An administrative township (A Twp) is a form of government, often administering several geographic townships. You need this to find local records. RM means Regional Municipality.

Early names for many municipalities are given.

The list also shows the county and the OGS Branch the municipality is in.

At a future date the list will be expanded to include the former Police Villages and the current hamlets.

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The number of pages returned are listed below.
There are 20 records per page.
Name Type County Branch Notes
Flamborough - West  G Twp  Wentworth  Hamilton  - 
Flesherton  Village  Grey  Bruce and Grey  - 
Flos  G Twp  Simcoe  Simcoe County  - 
Foley  G Twp  Parry Sound Dist  Nipissing District  - 
Fonthill  Village  Welland  Niagara Peninsula  - 
Ford City  Town  Essex  Essex County  - 
Forest  Town  Lambton  Lambton County  - 
Forest Hill  Village  York  Toronto  - 
Fort Erie  Town  Welland  Niagara Peninsula  - 
Fort Erie Mills  -  Welland  Niagara Peninsula  early name for Fort Erie Town 
Fort Erie Rapids  -  Welland  Niagara Peninsula  early name for Fort Erie Town 
Fort Frances  Town  Rainy River Dist  Thunder Bay  - 
Fort McDonnell  -  Renfrew  Ottawa  early name (pre 1890's) for Killaloe Village 
Fort William  City  Thunder Bay Dist  Thunder Bay  - 
Fraleck  G Twp  Sudbury Dist  Sudbury District  - 
Frankford  Village  Hastings  Quinte  - 
Franklin  G Twp  Muskoka Dist  -  - 
Fraser  G Twp  Renfrew  Ottawa  - 
Fredericksburg  G Twp  LA  Kingston  - 
Fredericksburg - North  G Twp  LA  Kingston  - 
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