Report from the

Irish Palatines Tercentenary

Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland

4 September Through 13 September, 2009

Irish Palatine Special Interest Group

To assist Irish Palatines in learning about their genealogy and connecting with other Irish Palatines

Ontario Genealogical Society

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The Switzer House at Courtmatrix

    Our visits to Palatine sites were supplemented with several interesting lectures. We spent one day at

Limerick University (a beautiful campus, by the way) where we heard from several historians in a

symposium on Irish-German Studies. The information helped clarify the political, religious and

economic conditions that set the stage for the migration experience, both in the Palatinate and in

Ireland. Patrick O'Connor, author of People Make Places, the Story of the Irish Palatines, spent

much time with us and enlightened us regarding the experiences of our ancestors. Another evening,

David Fleming gave us background on the Southwell family, helping us to have a better understanding

of their role and motivations in helping the Palatines, and the causes for the secondary migrations.

Patrick O'Connor and Gary Switzer with the memorial apple tree

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Carolyn Heald helps us understand the move to Canada

    The good folks of Courtmatrix greeted us with signs identifying the original homes of

many of our families. The owners of the Teskey house invited us to wander through and sense once

more the cozy atmosphere of these cottages. We walked down the path past homes of Delmages,

Switzers and Bowens until we reached the old village center. There the neighbors had drinks and

treats for us and made it feel like a real family reunion. Gary and Lynn Switzer showed us through

the Switzer home which they have been restoring. The visit concluded with the planting and

dedication of an apple tree by Patrick O'Connor and Gary Switzer.

Sign along Courtmatrix Way

The Teskey Home on Courtmatrix Way