The Pery leaves Limerick 1760

Irish Palatine Special Interest Group

To assist Irish Palatines in learning about their genealogy and connecting with other Irish Palatines

Ontario Genealogical Society

The Ontario Genealogical Society has established a Special Interest Group for Irish Palatines (SIG-IP). They will have the same status as a Branch but will not be tied to a specific Geographic region. With the inclusion of the Irish Palatines the OGS has a total of 31 Branches across Ontario.

The Palatines were Protestants who left the German Palatinate in 1709 at the invitation of Queen Anne of England. They settled in various British colonies and 185 families settled in Ireland. Especially by the 1830's many of the Irish Palatines moved to Canada. Today many Canadians have Irish Palatine ancestry, often without being aware of it since all they know is that their ancestor came from Ireland.

The SIG-IP is open to any person who sees value in exploring the common heritage of German language, Protestant religion, migration to Ireland and many ties of marriage to other Irish Palatine families. As a Special Interest Group within the OGS, the SIG-IP will:

- develop regular communications with its members, including a web site

- offer opportunities for sessions at the annual OGS conference

- produce occasional publications to inform its members of Irish Palatine history and genealogy.

Anyone interested in this SIG should e-mail to SIG-IP.

The Ontario Genealogical Society is interested in establishing other SIGs and seeks suggestions. Since we hold the library of the now-defunct Huguenot Society of Canada, we particularly would like to form a Huguenot SIG. For information on this or to suggest other SIGs, e-mail the Provincial Office at

Posted September 27, 2008

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2009 was the 300th anniversary of the migration of the Palatines to Ireland

This year also marked the inauguration of the Irish Palatine Special Interest Group within the Ontario Genealogical Society.

We Irish Palatine descendants thank the OGS for assisting us and supporting us in our efforts to learn about our ancestors and meet our relatives.

There is much new information for the Irish Palatines on our site now. Please visit the

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On Line

The Ireland SIG is now operational

The web site is at . The link is also on the Provincial website under the Branch Locators  section and the Special Interest Groups section.  We are in need of volunteers as indicated on the web site, especially for a Queries Coordinator!



John M. Noble

Chair, OGS Ireland SIG

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